Your Wedding story is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to capture and we're here to get it right! Photos don't just tell a story; they live on past ourselves and bring people along your legacy! We want to be there to capture the in between moments; fun and ridiculous to the intimate and authentic. Everything that is you and should never be forgotten!!

  Wedding days are unique and hold so much value! How should you know what to cut out and what to hold onto? Well over the years we've established an effective way to get all the important moments under one day without sacrificing due to tight budgeted timelines. With our timeline assistance we can help you narrow down the details and make the most of our day together!   

  6 hours is for our couples that are having a shorter day. Maybe reception is quick and photography coverage isn't as desired as everything prior to; or sometimes the day just starts later and getting ready photos aren't a must. We totally get it! That's why we offer this package for the couples that still want us on their big day but have a particular budget in mind. And we can help make the most of this package to get the very best moments captured and remembered forever!!

  So why 8 & 10?! Both of these options are great for their own reasons but the short answer is TIME! Our 8 hour package is designed for those who desire the fundamentals from the tail end of preparations in the morning to the end of ceremony with everything you could want in between, while our 10 hour commitment opens up its own possibilities stretching into the night.

 By extending your time with an extra two hours for a total of 12, we have the flexibility for adventuring further and staying later! This can translate in many ways, including extended morning prep, reception coverage, or travelling the extra miles to "shoot outside the box!"

  Want to go off the grid and make your own custom plan? Sweet!! Let us know what your thoughts and budget are and we'll do our best to accommodate your amazing day if it's a good fit! 

  The choice is yours and we're here to simplify and make the most of your investment. At the end of the day, we love all these options and all give us adequate parameters to work within to ensure that you're getting killer photos interwoven with an incredible experience! All of our wedding packages come with a rain backup guarantee: Because we love to shoot outdoors, if we get rained on for the majority of your day during our scheduled time together, we offer a "day after" session to make up for the couples photos you didn't get!!

Happy Wedding Planning! | David & Aralin